Custom Rugs – The Answer to Affordable Designer Rugs

Designer rugs put in a real zest and refined finish to any interior. Whether it’s a loud and modern style or a luxurious and timeless look you’re after, designer rugs are undoubtedly stunning and often add that final and perfect touch to your home. Sadly, designer rugs may also cost up to a lot of money or dollars per square metre. A straightforward and effective answer to this, a remedy that not only lets you have a designer style and quality rug but tailor it to your personal colour pallette and size, is custom rugs.

Many custom rug providers offer a set selection of designs and allow one to select colour, size and on occasion shape. A select few offer completely custom design – whether you’re taking influences from other rugs, art, a drawing or your own imagination; true custom rug specialists enable you to have the rug you need, is likely to colours, your perfect size and your ideal shape.

Take say for example a design from the top designer, generally they will have taken their inspiration from someplace else, from fashion, architecture or from nature. The rug is a great quality in fact it is needless to say attractive, but most of the cost is linked to the label. Take that rug as inspiration and create a similar design, custom to your preferences, and you haven’t only a designer style rug but a rug that is perfect for your own interior as well as your own requirements – at a fraction of the price.

Custom rugs are in no way cheap compared to standard, everyday, off-the-shelf rugs, but neither are they on the same playing field with regards to designer pieces. A reasonable custom rug specialist with good ties with weavers, artisans and manufacturers in places like Nepal, Tibet and India will create a custom hand-tufted rug for you in wool for about �100 – 200 ($165 – $325) per square metre inclusive of taxes and delivery to your door.

Delivery of the rugs generally need to come in groups to keep shipping costs down but many companies can provide priority shipping, bringing your rug by air alone for an additional fee. However, most people are willing to wait for quality and delivery times for most firms range between 8 – 16 weeks.

Anyone might have a custom rug designed to their size, whether it’s for your own home, a business logo rug or something for a kids room. logo mats A custom or designer inspired rug does not need to break the bank.

Tailor Made Rugs is one of the leading custom rug specialists in the united kingdom. Tailor Made Rugs offers from plain floor coverings made to measure to designer patterns in mixtures of wool and silk matching colour and shape to suit and supplying interior designers throughout London and the UK and also the public.